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Like most, I'm not a change "expert." But that makes the journey so rewarding (and hopefully relatable)!

Come learn how I have viewed and experienced the only constant in life - change.

My name is Brandon Boswell. I am a husband, son, brother, uncle, Hoosier (by birth and education), and avid learner. My journey with change has been anything but consistent and planned, but my passion for change has only grown over time. Through my MBA studies at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, my job, and my life, I am sharing the joys of embracing change in an unconventional manner.

Life is rarely about one huge pivotal moment - it's about the little moments that build on top of each other every single day that quietly lead you to take advantage of those"lightbulb moments" when they appear. My posts and stories will take you through those moments that led to the reflections, conversations, and opportunities for me to lead change and seek additional opportunities to do so in my life and career.

Thank you for joining me in this next stage of my journey! I'm excited to learn and grow together.

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